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Level UP

Level UP Founder Jeff Hughes was well into his adulthood when he realized that in order to maintain competitive in his career as a franchise manager and coach, he needed to be more well-versed in computer science.

This late entry into IT education got him thinking about what the future might be like for the next generation of kids, including his own three children, if they were not prepared for the increasing tech demands of the workplace.

Recognizing an unmet need in children’s education, Jeff founded Level UP in 2014.

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Above & Beyond

We go beyond standard STEM education practices offered at other franchises, such as drag-and-drop programs that simplify coding for children. Level UP uses an industry-leading curriculum of over 150 different courses designed to engage, inspire, and entertain children, all while giving them hands-on experience with real-life STEM concepts and principles.

These proven, interactive courses blend education and fun, and take career readiness and future preparation to the next level. Level UP Learning Centers currently operate in multiple countries, and, along with the rest of the supplemental education industry, continues to experience unprecedented demand.

For the first time, we are awarding franchises to qualified partners in select U.S. territories, and are excited for the opportunity to bring high-quality STEM education to children and teens across America.

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What makes us better
than other STEM programs?

Real Skills

Unlike other STEM franchises, our certified instructors teach a robust curriculum with over 150 courses.

We offer state-of-the-art applications and concepts used by pros, not drag-and-drop coding games that offer little real programming instruction.

Happy Kids

Education and fun don’t have to be mutually exclusive concepts.

Our students thrive in a friendly, welcoming atmosphere, building robots, using 3D printers, and playing popular games like Fortnite, Roblox, and Minecraft.

Happy Parents

We offer a unique and effective approach to preparing children for what lies ahead.

Taking some of the worry off of parents’ shoulders, we ensure that their kids are well-equipped for a bright future.


Why Own a Level UP
Education Franchise?

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The need for advanced IT and programming in the workforce is continuing to increase. Level UP prepares students for the jobs that will be in demand in the future by focusing on real programming languages as opposed to drag-and-drop programs other STEM academies use to simplify coding processes.

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Unlike many other STEM programs that offer only either mobile partnerships or a brick-and-mortar facility, Level UP offers both! Our mobile, on-the-go division is secured through partnerships with schools, churches, community centers, and other existing complementary businesses within the community. Owners can choose to begin their business with just the mobile portion, the learning center facility, or both!

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Our locations can be operated with only 1-3 part-time employees, where other STEM education concepts require approximately 25. We also have a successful, proven model in place to hire university and college computer science students as teachers and coaches in order to ensure quality instruction.

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Our Franchise Owners are actively involved in their communities, becoming a well-known presence as they network and partner with various youth organizations and outreach groups. Owners become leaders in the area of children’s technology education as they build brand awareness through community events.

Two Models: ONE GOAL

Expand Your Reach Within The Community
With Multiple Revenue Streams for Your Business

Not every parent has the time and availability to drive their child to the nearest Level UP Learning Center.

That’s why we’ve taken our STEM programs and classes to the next level, with our industry-leading On-The-Go business model to complement our brick-and-mortar Learning Centers. Owners have the option of beginning their business with just the On-the-Go model, the brick & mortar learning facility model, or both!

While other STEM education franchises offer either a dedicated classroom facility or classes through neighborhood schools and camps, Level UP is the only franchise concept in the STEM education space that offers both to children all the way up through high school!

Learning Centers

Level UP Learning Centers are so much more than your typical education center: they are where something special happens, every single day!

Our classes are places of active learning that occurs on many levels. Our welcoming, inclusive environment allows kids to feel comfortable to be themselves and try new things, knowing that there’s no such thing as a wrong answer or a failing grade in THIS place of education!


Franchise Owners love the minimal footprint required for their Level UP Learning Centers. Our ideal Level UP location size is between 1,000 and 1,500 square feet, which makes it a great fit in local shopping centers, strip malls, and plazas. We find that Level UP Learning Centers thrive in the following locations:

— Middle-to-upper class suburban areas
— Situated with other family-friendly shops or restaurants
Near businesses where parents like spending time

Level UP On-The-Go Partnerships

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By partnering with local community schools and youth programs, Level UP Franchise Owners have the power to take learning on the road and proactively generate revenue, rather than waiting for customers to walk through the door!

Our On-The-Go business model brings high-quality, engaging, and fun STEM education to students who may not otherwise have access to our classes can gain hands-on, real-world computer science skills through Level UP’s partnerships. The convenience and ease of attending an On-The-Go class gives Franchise Owners the opportunity to create multiple, complementary streams of recurring revenue while allowing more children in the community to be exposed to new concepts and experiences that can help introduce them to an interest or passion they didn’t even know they had.

On-The-Go classes through Level UP help spark the curiosity and excitement that leads to expertise and mastery down the road.
— Schools
— Day Camps
— Church/Synagogue Youth Groups
— Recreation Centers
— After-School Programs and More!

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